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An Introduction to TAB

While the role of the HVAC consultant a n d c o n t r a c t o r i s w e l l d e f i n e d a n d understood over the years by most clients and their architects, the par t played by t h e Te s t i n g, A d j u s t i n g a n d B a l a n c i n g ( TAB) agency is not as well understood or appreciated. A few decades back when new buildings were much smaller and HVAC systems far simpler, the HVAC contractor normally spared minimum time to check out the dry and wet bulb temperature in each important conditioned space, by slinging a Psychrometer and if required adjusting a few duct and diffuser dampers, changing some fan speeds and regulating some globe valves in water lines.

By Sanjeev Rastogi
July-September 2011
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