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Avoid Legionellosis Lawsuits over Cooling Towers

Will Graig Meyer is Professor of Geology at Pierce College (Woodland Hills, CA 91371; Phone: 818-347-0551, x 241, Fax: 818-342-5450; E-mail: He earned a B.S. in geology from Tulane University and an M.S. in geology from the University of Southern California. Meyer has been a faculty member at Pierce College, with some breaks for consulting, since 1975. He has been the collegeís environmental science program advisor since 1980, is the author of many technical publications, and consults for eight corporations.

W. Craig Meyer
April-June 2003
K-43 (Basement) Kailash Colony , New Delhi - 110048, India Tel: (011) 41635655, 29234925