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Daikin Industries Launches Low GWP Refrigerant
23 October 2017

Daikin Industries Ltd., based in Osaka, Japan, announced in March the launch of R-407H refrigerant, which has approximately 62% lower global warming potential (GWP)
than the commonly used R-404A refrigerant. R-404A, a high GWP refrigerant, is widely used in refrigeration equipment in supermarket, warehouse, and marine vessel applications. However, with increasing regulation on HFCs, there is greater demand for refrigerants that are safe to use, energy efficient, allow for easy and economical conversion and can comply with the various regulations around the globe. The non-ozone depleting and non-flammable refrigerant R-407H has a GWP of 1495, which is 62% lower than R404A. Its COP has been shown as equivalent in low temperature and better in medium temperature to R404A. In addition, R-407H has similar working pressure to R404A and can achieve an economical retrofit with limited modifications.

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