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Emerson Service Tips: "Slugging"
19 May 2017

Q: What are the signs of slugging?
Signs of slugging are: broken reeds, rods, or crankshaft, and loose or broken backer bolts, as well as blown head gaskets.

Q: What causes slugging?
Slugging is the result of trying to compress liquid refrigerant and/or oil, in the cylinders. Slugging is an extreme floodback in air cooled compressors and a severe flooded start
on refrigerant cooled compressors.

Q: What can be done to avoid slugging?
(1) Maintain proper evaporator and compressor superheat.
(2) Correct abnormally low load conditions.
(3) Install accumulators to stop uncontrolled liquid return.
(4) Locate compressor in warm ambient or install continuous pump down.

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