Standards and Guidelines under Continuous Maintenance

NEW! Access the online comment database to submit continuous maintenance proposals on standards and guidelines on continuous maintenance. A complete list of standards and guidelines under continuous maintenance can be found in the online comment database.

Under continuous maintenance procedures anyone may propose changes at any time. Each change will be considered by the appropriate Standing Standard Core Committee (SCC) or Standard Technical Committee (STC), according to a definite schedule.

Structure of Standard Technical Committee :

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Members (Manufacturer / User / Academia / Testing & standards organization / Consumer / Regulator / International delegates )

Definition :


A representative of a company that is engaged in –

The manufacturing of products covered by the standard / Installation and/or servicing of the products or systems / Manufacturing through OEM, ODM or Subcontract manufacturing but which retains control of the overall process like design, R&D, quality control etc.,

* A consultant representing manufacturer shall be considered as ‘Manufacturer’;


Organization that uses end product, system or services in a commercial / industrial / large usage – like restaurant/ commercial complex / hospital / industry application


A representative of educational institution with involvement in relevant research in the area of standard under development – in the area of product, system, component, technology development

Testing & standards organization:

Organizations that test and / or certify products, services or system covered by the standard or that develop standards / codes related to the product or service or system covered by the standard.


Consumer organization, consumer department, professional consumers, individuals who use the products or services or systems as part of their livelihood.


Those involved in the regulation or enforcement of the requirements of codes and standards.

International delegates:

Individual representing a standards body / Subject Matter Expert from Nation other than India.

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