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ebm-papst Introduces RadiCal Centrifugal Fans for Precision Air Conditioning
18 November 2019

With aerodynamics as the focus and employing computer-aided optimization methods, ebm-papst has developed RadiCal centrifugal fans suitable for higher air flow with a lower head, for use in precision air conditioning units. The width of the impeller, the size of the intake area, the blade contour and blade thickness have been adapted for this
application. The new RadiCal fan achieves a maximum effi ciency of 68.5% at an air flow of 13,000 m³/h. Due to lower flow losses in the impeller, lower turbulence and
less laminar separation, the fans have better noise characteristics. The impeller is made of glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene. Despite the optimization, the outer diameter and installation height have remained the same, which ensures that the tight installation space in the air conditioner is utilized to best effect. ebm-papst products with GreenIntelligence have IoT capability and can be interconnected with any system quickly and easily due to their plug-and-play feature. The power electronics integrated into the EC motors enables the speed to be adjusted to meet requirements by means of a 0–10 V control signal or via Modbus RTU, which also enables various operating parameters to be queried and monitored in ongoing operation alongside the control signals. Recording the operating hours facilitates preventive maintenance. The new RadiCal centrifugal fans are available for all common line voltages and frequencies in sizes 310 and 630.

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