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Achieving High Chilled-Water Delta

This article recommends practical methods for achieving high, i.e., 15°F (8.3°C) or greater, chilled-water temperature differentials (Delta T s) in variable flow hydronic cooling systems. Once high chilled-water Delta T s are realized, more Btu’s (J/s) of cooling will be accomplished per gallon (liter) of chilled-water distributed ( Figure 1 ). Pressure losses and pumping energy will decline considerably in existing hydronic cooling systems and smaller pumps and piping may be installed in new hydronic cooling systems. Also, water chiller capacities will no longer be limited by maximum evaporator flow rates and chilled-water storage tanks will store many more tonhours (MJ) of cooling. This fundamental approach provides significant, enduring improvements in the performance of variable-flow hydronic cooling systems.

Donald P. Fiorino, P.E.
October-December 2002
K-43 (Basement) Kailash Colony , New Delhi - 110048, India Tel: (011) 41635655, 29234925