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Emerson Service Tips: "High Discharge Temperature"
19 May 2017

Q: What are the signs of high discharge temperature?
Signs of high discharge temperature are: discolored valve plates, burned valve reeds, worn pistons, rings and cylinders, or a stator spot burn frommetal debris.

Q: What causes high discharge temperature?
High discharge temperature is the result of temperatures in the compressor head and cylinders becoming so hot that the oil loses its ability to lubricate properly. This causes rings, pistons and cylinders to wear resulting in blow by, leaking valves, and metal debris in the oil.

Q: What can be done to avoid high discharge temperature?
(1) Correct abnormally low load conditions.
(2) Correct high discharge pressure conditions.
(3) Insulate suction lines.
(4) Provide proper compressor cooling.

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